I am not saying there are UFOs however there are UFOs, Musk’s newest triggers meme fest on Twitter, World Information

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk sparked a Twitter frenzy after he mentioned in his tweet that, “I am not saying there are UFOs..however there are UFOs”.

In a report earlier, the US authorities had “reported uncommon STEAM motion patterns or flight traits”. The UAP denoted “unidentified aerial phenomena” that means UFOs.

The report couldn’t clarify the UAP phenomenon which it mentioned, “appeared to stay stationary in winds aloft, transfer towards the wind, manoeuvre abruptly, or transfer at appreciable pace, with out discernible technique of propulsion.”

Nonetheless, Musk’s present evaluation on UFOs created a social media frenzy as Twitter customers went on a meme fest on-line.

Though, the report on UFOs was inconclusive nevertheless it mentioned UAP had been most likely bodily objects as they had been detected by means of “radar, infrared, electro-optical, weapon seekers, and visible statement”.

The report mentioned the objects additionally displayed uncommon flight patterns and UAP “clearly pose” a threat to flight security. The report added the US administration wants to gather extra info and analyse knowledge.

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